Our Story

In 1947 Triefus Company Ltd. became a public company and its shares were quoted on the London Stock Exchange. At this time there became an increasing awareness of the importance of Diamond tools in the modern industrial world. An engineer was appointed to the team and following a small investment Triefus and Company Limited commenced manufacturing single point Diamond dressers.

By 1949 a small manufacturing company was established which made its first take-over in 1952. Expansion became rapid and profits grew. Also in 1949 a survey of Diamond tool and drilling potential was undertaken in Australia. Sales of rough Diamond commenced in 1950 and a small manufacturing plant was set up the following year. Similar plants were also established in other countries including France and India.

World demand for industrial Diamond products increased dramatically and the close links already established with industrial Diamond merchants and product manufacturers resulted in rapid growth for the Triefus group. A particularly close association developed between the Triefus UK manufacturing company and the Asahi Diamond Industrial Co. Limited, which had been established in Tokyo in 1937. This close association was later expanded to include cross shareholdings and eventually led to Asahi taking control of the Triefus Group in 1990.

Asahi Today

The Asahi group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial Diamond products with an enviable reputation for service and expertise.

Here at Asahi Australia we were manufacturing and marketing industrial Diamond products at our principal office and factory located in Mona Vale NSW, a northern beaches suburb of Sydney, right up until 2002. Sales Offices are still maintained at these premises with products now being sourced from our Group Companies in Japan, France, South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. Our products and services are used in various Diamond application areas for:

All of our mining products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art Jakarta factory. This is where our first factory was built in 1996, predominantly to supply and service the South-East Asian market.

Our Australian factory ceased production in 2002 and all our equipment and manufacturing expertise was transferred to the Asahi Jakarta plant, who now produce our extensive range of mining and exploration products that we supply globally. We are now in our third built factory in Jakarta having grown out of the previous two and we have recently been quality accredited with ISO9001 Certification.

Our Promise to You

In addition to aiming to exceed your expectations we promise to offer all customers...
Service: A personalised service from your first point of contact - access to unparalleled advice from our team of experts and products that are delivered on time.
Quality: Technologically advanced high performing products that are built to last.
Price: Exceptional prices on exceptional quality products.
Honesty: To deliver what we promise and to treat all our customers with honesty and integrity.

Short Facts

Global Head Office: Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees: 2,147 worldwide
Manufacturing companies:  Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan
Global presence: Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, United States of America, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, South America, South Africa, DK Congo, Myanmar and India.