Asahi Group Philosophy

  • We shall contribute to economic growth and the realization of prosperous lifestyles for everyone in all aspects of customers’ production by providing high-quality products.
  • We shall develop products from a worldwide, long-term perspective that meet the diverse needs of our customers by aiming to become a global leader in our fields of business.
  • We shall comply with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics, engage in honest and fair business practices, and work to win the trust of society as a good corporate citizen.
  • We shall strive for harmony society and nature through in corporate activities that take into account the global environment and natural resources.
  • We shall aim to become a dynamic corporate group by working together as a team while remaining autonomy and creativity.

Action Charter


1.    Attitude to Customers

  • We shall initiate business from the perspective of customers and work on our business from the customers’ point of view. (Sincerity)
  • We shall provide our customs with our products and services with Safety and Security. (Safety and Security)
  • We shall pay generous attention to the protection of personal and customer information. (Confidentiality Obligation)


2.    Attitude to Shareholders and Investors

  • We shall actively disclose our corporate information with the aim of realizing highly transparent management. (Management Transparency)
  • We shall make appropriate profits through business activities. (Shareholder Profits)
  • We shall accept accountability for our corporate activities and promote understanding thereof. (Accountability)


3.    Attitude to Suppliers

  • We shall respect suppliers as our important partners. (Partnership)
  • We shall maintain a mutually equal relationship with suppliers based on appropriate contracts. (Contracts)
  • We shall conduct fair and proper trade. (Fairness)


4.    Attitude to Fellow Employees

  • We shall respect the diversity, individuality and personality of each employee as partner who works together. (Respect for Human Rights)
  • We shall take pride in our company and business at every workplace and carry out business positively. (Pride)
  • We shall fulfil our responsibility of explanation as individual for the results to be achieved by each individual employee. (Self-Responsibility)


5.    Attitude to Society

  • We shall promote our corporate activities in deference to and in consideration of local residents’ attachment to their local communities. (Communication with Local Residents)
  • We shall completely bar relationships with antisocial forces that pose a threat to the order of civil society or security. (Relationships with Antisocial Forces)
  • We as individual employees, shall take action actively, thinking of social contribution. (Social Contribution)
  • We shall voluntarily and actively cope with surrounding environmental issues and take necessary action. (Global Environment)