Down Hole Motors


Down Hole Motors

Asahi supplies Down Hole Motors commonly used for directional drilling in coal and hard rock mining as well as civil construction. They are also used as an alternative to conventional deflection style drilling where wedges are used.

The Down Hole Motor is driven via fluid pumped into the motor, which then turns it into a mechanical rotary motion through the form of a rotor. This rotary motion is applied to a Drill Bit (either PCD, impregnated diamond) and attached to the end of the motor to cut into the formation being drilled.

The direction of the motor can be determined by a “bent sub”. These subs can be fitted to the DHM to adjust the “angle” of the motor and how fast it can turn within the hole.

Asahi stock bent sub’s in standard angles - 1 degree, 1 ½ degree and 1 ¼ degree.

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Tool Sizes

2 3/8

2 7/8 Becu

2 7/8 Steel

Diameter (inches)2.3752.8752.875
Length (ft)99.511
Weight (lbs)140160180
Top ConnectionBWNWNW
Bit ConnectionBWNWNW
Make Up Torque (ft/lbs)60012001200
Bit Sizes (inches)2 7/8 - 3 1/23 1/4 - 43 1/4 - 4
Max Weight on Bit350060006000
Max Bit Pressure Drop (psi)200200200
Minimum Flow Rate (gpm)253040
Maximum Flow Rate (gpm)507080
Recommended Flow Rate (gpm)426070
Bit Speed (rpm)200 - 375160 - 375250 - 450
Pressure Drop at Max Torque (psi)400400495
Max Operating Torque (ft/lbs)130190225
Maximum Overpull (lbs)125002000020000


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