Core Barrels


Triple Tube Conventional Core Barrels

Asahi manufactures and stocks a wide range of drilling equipment including Core Barrels from TT56 through to 8C. These include the most common sizes N, NMLC & H and come with all replacement and spare parts included.

The Asahi Triple Tube Conventional Core Barrel is designed to maximize core recovery in site investigation and core exploratory drilling programs, making it possible to obtain near 100% volumetric core recovery in the most undisturbed condition possible using rotary core drilling equipment. They have been used for exploration of dam, bridge and building sites as well as the development of mineral resources.

Triple Tube Core Barrels are normally supplied with stainless steel split inner tubes.  Clear plastic tubing is available in NMLC size.


Hole Diameter

Core Diameter


NMLC 75.69mm 51.94mm 1.0m
NMLC 75.69mm 51.94mm 1.5m
NMLC 75.69mm 51.94mm 3.0m
HMLC 99.21mm 63.50mm 1.5m
HMLC 99.21mm 63.50mm 3.0m

Please see 'data sheets' below for specifications of our Wireline Core Barrels and Wireline Over Shot.

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