Impregnated Core Bits


Impregnated Drill Bits

Asahi is considered to be one of the drilling industry world leaders in manufacturing high quality diamond Impregnated Core Drill Bits. We use the latest technological advances to keep up with the industry demand to produce reliable, high production bits at a competitive price for even the harshest of drilling conditions.

Our Bits are commonly used to perform geotechnical coring, gas content coring, and material sample coring and mineral exploration.

Our range includes: 

•    NMLC
•    HMLC
•    4C & 8C
•    B Series:  BQ & BQ3
•    N Series:  NQ, NQ2 & NQ3
•    H Series:  HQ & HQ3
•    HWT
•    P Series:  PQ & PQ3
•    Metric Series:  TT46, TT56 & WL66

The broad objective of an Impregnated Core Drill Bit is to produce a bit where the matrix, under given conditions, erodes at a rate so that as the active diamonds become blunt they will be released and a fresh sharp diamond will be exposed. The matrix is a critical factor in Impregnated Drill Bit manufacture as it must have the capacity to retain the diamonds for as long as they continue to cut, and then allow the blunt diamonds to “strip” but resist the drilling forces and not allow the sharp diamonds to be “pulled” prior to becoming blunt.

Diamond concentration is also critical to an Impregnated Core Bit performance as it is believed that the increase in concentration increases “strip rate” and also increases the load required for “self sharpening”. There are two elements of an Impregnated Bit matrix; one is the matrix is far too hard and will not allow worn diamonds to “strip”, and the other where the matrix is too soft and allows premature release of the diamond before they are at the end of their useful life.

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