Water Swivels


Water Swivels

Asahi Diamond manufactures two configurations of Water Swivels:

- A top entry used within the coal industry with a ¾” BSP male thread
- A side entry to suit the exploration industry with up to a 1 ¼” NPT female

The front pin comes in standard thread sizing and spindles are made out of stainless steel with a large bore to allow a more efficient water flow.

Asahi stock a complete range of spare parts to suit all swivels and can also supply a repair kit including tools for quick on site dismantling/assembly.

NATA Certified 2500psi/170bar Safe Working Pressure.



Top Entry Water Swivel42mm Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelAW Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelAQ Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelAWJ Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelBQ Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelCHD Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelNQ Pin
Top Entry Water SwivelNW Pin
Compact Plus Water SwivelAW Rod Box

Compact Plus Water Swivel


Weight (kg)

Compact Plus W/S Assy AW Box

(includes all items below excluding Repair Kit)

Compact Plus W/S Cap1.98
Compact W/S O-Ring0.01
Compact W/S Spring Washer0.01
Compact W/S V Pack Set0.07
Compact Plus W/S Wear Sleeve0.03
Compact W/S Packing Cage0.35
Compact W/S Ball Bearing0.30
Compact Plus W/S Upper Body1.79
Compact  W/S O-Ring0.01
Compact Plus W/S Spindle AW Box0.87
Compact Plus W/S Thrust Bearing0.30
Compact Plus W/S Lower Body1.86
Grease Fitting0.01
Compact W/S Felt Seal0.01
Compact Plus W/S Repair Kit0.96

Universal Water Swivels


Weight (kg)

Universal W/S Assy BW box

includes all items excluding Repair Kit)

Universal W/S Hoisting Cap5.55
Universal W/S Compression Spring0.04
Universal W/S V Packing Set0.02
Universal W/S O-Ring0.01
Universal W/S Packing Housing1.18
Universal W/S Nut Spindle0.25
Universal W/S Locking Washer0.01
Universal W/S Spacer0.01
Universal W/S Retaining Ring0.03
Universal W/S Ball Bearing0.66
Universal W/S Spindle Ext0.35
Universal W/S Spindle BW Box1.79
Universal S/W Thrust Bearing0.59
Universal W/S Body3.00
Grease Fitting0.01
Universal W/S Repair Kit1.67


Asahi Water Swivels aren't currently available to buy online.
To make an enquiry or a purchase please contact us:
 02 9997 7033 / sales@asahi-diamond.com.au