Drilltec / Kalex Tungsten Bits, Shoes and Hole Openers


Asahi Drilltec and Kalex Bits and Shoes are designed for soft formation drilling and are available in all standard sizes.

We also manufacture Drilltec Pilot Bits for inseam drilling in coal mines. The design incorporates a 16mm metric thread in the front of the Bit to cater for a Pilot Bit and features large irregular particles and waterways with large water holes.

Standard Pilot Bit sizes are 65mm and 80mm with AW / AWJ rod box thread. Other sizes and threads can be manufactured to order.

To further increase the hole diameter a Drilltec Hole Opener can be used behind the Bit. These Bits used with hole openers can be utilised with low torque drilling.

The combination of a 65mm Pilot Bit and an 80mm hole opener has proved successful when attempting to stay in the seam as it generally will deflect off the roof and floor.

Many of our mining products can be re-tipped, refurbished and repaired at our Sydney factory. Click here for more information.

Core Bits


5 1/2 x 4CDrilltec Core Bit
5 1/2 x 4CDrilltec oversize Core Bit
10 1/4 x 8CDrilltec Core Bit
BQ3Drilltec Core Bit
BQDTDrilltec Core Bit
HMLCDrilltec Core Bit
HQ3Drilltec Core Bit
HQ3Drilltec oversize Core Bit 98mm
HQDTDrilltec Core Bit
HQTTDrilltec Core Bit
NMLCDrilltec Core Bit
NMLCDrilltec heavy duty Core Bit 83mm
NQ3Drilltec Core Bit
NQDTDrilltec Core Bit
PQ3Drilltec Core Bit
PQDTDrilltec Core Bit
TT56Drilltec oversize Core Bit 58mm



10 1/4Drilltec Reamer

Pilot Bits


65mmDrilltec Pilot Bit
65mmDrilltec Pilot Bit with AWJ Box Thread
80mmDrilltec Pilot Bit with AWJ Box Thread
80mmDrilltec Pilot Bit with AW Box Thread

Casing Shoe Bits


HQDrilltec Casing Shoe-Advancer Shoe Bit 95mm
HWDrilltec Casing Shoe Bit
HWDrilltec oversize Casing Shoe Bit
HWTDrilltec Casing Shoe Bit
NWDrilltec Casing Shoe Bit
NWKalex NW Casing Shoe
PWDrilltec Casing Shoe Bit
PWDrilltec oversize Casing Shoe Bit
PWKalex PW Casing Shoe Bit
PWTDrilltec Casing Shoe
PWTKalex PWT Casing Shoe Bit

Rod Shoes


HQKalex HQ Rod Shoe
HWKalex HW Rod Shoe
HWTKalex HWT Rod Shoe
HWTDrilltec oversize Rod Shoe Bit
NQDrilltec Rod Shoe Bit

Face Discharge


NQDTDrilltec Face Discharge


Pilot Bits & Hole Openers aren't currently available to buy online.
To make an enquiry or a purchase please contact us:
 02 9997 7033 / sales@asahi-diamond.com.au